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Prequalification vs. Preapproval
Presented by Presidential Bank Mortgage

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Legal Matters
VIEW NOWWhat Is Fair Housing?
Personal Finance and Credit
VIEW NOWWhy Credit Matters
IN PROGRESSCurrent financial profile compared with changes that buying a home may create
IN PROGRESSIs homeownership for you?
IN PROGRESSWays to save
IN PROGRESSNeeds versus wants
IN PROGRESSWorking with a HUD-approved housing counselor
IN PROGRESSHow credit works
IN PROGRESSHow to protect credit
IN PROGRESSHow to improve credit
Working with the Loan Officer
VIEW NOWPrequalification vs. Preapproval
IN PROGRESSVideos coming soon
Working with the Real Estate Agent
IN PROGRESSVideos coming soon
The Appraisal
IN PROGRESSVideos coming soon
Home Inspection
IN PROGRESSVideos coming soon
IN PROGRESSVideos coming soon
IN PROGRESSVideos coming soon


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